How to accede without delay to the Loans of the bank

Want to Compare Loans from USD 5,000 to USD 500,000 ?

Want to Compare Loans from USD 5,000 to USD 500,000 Pesos ?r

With the resources of the Bank , you have access to loans for the financing of different activities, among which we find the professional, commercial and other, made by monotributistas. In this article, we will make a brief review of the solutions that this entity includes, and what analysts have available for the taking of a personal credit for Monotributistas.

First of all we will review the solutions proposed by the loans for professionals.

First of all we will review the solutions proposed by the loans for professionals.

  • In the Bank of Santa Fe you access this line of personal loans, which has interesting contracting conditions, because they include:

  • The ability to quote your credit online, through your website, and access a significant time savings in these efforts.

  • It offers access to bankable sum of USD 500,000, through a minimum financing of USD 1000.

  • The deadline for payment can be made in 5 years.

  • In addition, you have the alternative of accessing the partial or total cancellation of the loan.

  • The interest rate on this line is fixed, and installments in pesos are paid.

  • Managing by electronic channels, you agree to better financing conditions, because in 12 months you would pay rates of 41.50%. In 18 months, the rate is 42%, as well as over a total period of 2 years. In 36 months, you have a rate of 43%, and for periods of 48 and 60 months, the rate is 44% and 44.50% respectively.

  • A 53.81% is paid considering all the costs that affect the financing besides the pure interest in 12 months, going to 54.42% for the terms of 18 and 24 months.

  • In 36 months, it will be 55.63% while in 48 months it will be 56.84% and for 60 months, 57.44%.

  • These costs are calculated on a credit of USD 10,000, and include for the calculation of the total financial cost, a coverage that cancels the obligation if the owner dies with values ​​of 0.2955% and also calculate the incidence of VAT on interest.

  • You must present the documentation proving that you are staying for one year at your job, which is measured by the time of registration in the registration.

  • The minimum income that you have to credit will be USD 5000.

  • As for the documentation that you have to include, remember to present yourself together with sufficient documentation to prove your identity, your current address and occupation from which you get your income.

  • Add to this the documentation corresponding to professional services, and your professional title.

  • I remind you that in case of doubts regarding this service, you can save them quickly by consulting 0800 444 6273.

  • Among the expenses that this credit includes, we find the ones of sealing, which are 1% of the loan value.

  • You also have VAT on interest, and coverage in case of death, with the values ​​previously announced.

  • The means of payment is perfected using automatic debit in account that the client must have open.

  • Upon cancellation in advance, you must consider additional costs of 3% plus taxes on the total.

  • Remember that if the cancellation will be total, the commission fee will not be applied, provided the terms stipulated in the contract have passed, after which the commission ceases to be valid.

  • Making a simple simulation we see that by requesting USD 10,000, choosing payments at 60 months, with the payment of the first installment, only at 30 days, and with 60 months, the amount will be USD 497.77.

  • As you advance, a line that you can combine with the credit for professionals, is the application by electronic means, which can take USD 100,000, but with the characteristic, that does not require any additional procedure to be approved.

  • The minimum that you can request by this means, is USD 5000.

  • The term is flexible and can be extended up to 5 years

  • Also, keep the benefit of early cancellation, with the same characteristics as in the credit for professionals.

  • So you can apply for the credit pro these electronic channels, which include ATMs, and Home Banking, you must have pre-qualification available in the entity.

  • You can check if you have this service available, through an income to Home Banking, and you should see the available option by entering Loans, then Personal, and finally the option request.

  • In the case of ATMs you can request it, through Loans, and then choose the amount of the transaction, and the payment term that best suits your expectations.

  • This line is available to all consumer portfolio customers.

  • A credit assessment is made of the applicant that has a cost of sealing, of 1% on the amount of the capital.

  • In addition, interest pays VAT and a life coverage is added, which requires you to affect 0.2955% monthly. In the case of retirees, their value rises to 0.3940%.

  • The cost of early cancellation is 3%.

  • You have the option to access more details about this line of credit and similar, for which you can use the services of our site.

  • Remember that you have available the section of loan quote, and in case you need help in some instance, you count with the support of our advisors, who will give you an answer to any doubt you can discuss with our community.